Kyle C.J Phelps | CEO

 Working smarter has purpose, with our clients like you to support and assist. Be brave and relentless with no regrets, for mistakes are futile in understanding ones own psychology   
 –Photo cred (left to right) Mr. Kyle C. Phelps our President of Phelps Marketing Corporation© and wife Lyn Phelps

Our President, Mr. Kyle C.J Phelps, started in early spring 2016.

Mr. Phelps, at 25 years old, was eager to learn every position and visioned a change in the world.  As a humanitarian and religious believer, his work and vision hasn’t changed. We reduce risk and increase productivity for clients, in order to fulfill our prophecies and goals.

After just 6 months our corporation was able to bid on contracts on over 200 plus, private contracts globally. Highly rated as a fast growing company with  great customer service and support reviews from over 15,000 nationally recognized and influential businesses.

Because we have stayed true to our roots in web services/securities and supports to our clients.  Our services are eclectic and boundless.  Core essential elements persist in that of a never ending financial agenda, for our clients. Lucrative business ventures are rooted and lectured daily.

Individual freedoms and opinions are noted and expressed freely, part of cumulative efforts. As our journey continues, we begin future developments in partnerships with leading institutions like Google and Facebook.

Phelps Marketing Corporation© has earned global recognition for great business relations and a wide variety in support from our local community of Tampa Bay, Florida .

We consider our customers, major responsibilities. We stop at nothing till mutual satisfaction is reached, as we continue to reward you with the highest form of excellence.